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Register Below For Our Next Virtual Training Session!


Train safely at home with Best Hoops Premier   

Live Zoom Virtual Basketball Trainings!

(Children Ages 7-18)

 Scroll below for more info:

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Price per session: $25


 (Wednesday, July 8th, 5:00pm)


 *What you'll need for a great at home training session with Coach Gomes and members of his staff:

Technical Equipment Needed:

1. *Strong Wifi connection near your training space. This is important to maintain solid connection!

2. Download the Zoom App to your Iphone, Ipad, Computer, Tablet or similar device. 

3. Sign in at time of session with Meeting ID # and password sent to you by email.

4. Keep your video on and directed towards your child. 

5. Coach Gomes and his staff would like to see/communicate with campers as they are training.

6. Turn up your volume to hear Coach Gomes and his staff.

7. Mute your microphone to prevent background noise.

8. Follow the voice of Coach Gomes/Staff and follow the demonstrator on screen.

9. Sessions are recorded so you can review post session.


Athletic Equipment Needed:

Below is an at home equipment list you will need to get the most out of your training session. (Try to improvise if you do not own some of the equipment listed ie: rocks, bricks, sticks, small toys etc. can be used as cones or obstacles).

- Positive attitude.

- Respect for each other, the coach and demonstrator.

- Sneakers/ athletic wear.

- Plenty of space to perform drills (Driveway, Garage, Hard Top Surface).

- Two basketballs (youth size, girls and/or boys sizes).

- A basketball hoop is recommended.

- Jump rope.

- 6-8 cones or something similar as obstacles (ie: rocks, logs, small toys).

- Tennis ball.

- Water bottle.

- Towel.

- Speed ladder or chalk lines drawn.

- Sidewalk chalk to draw lines on your court like >>                            

- Work hard and have fun!


Sample Training Schedule (1 hour  and 15 minutes)

Trainings will vary by title.  This is titled Total Workout Session.


1. Intro and rules (3 mins)


2. Stretch and Warm-up (5 mins)


3. Hand/Fingertip Control Ball Handling Drills. (7 mins.)


4. Drink (:30 secs.)/Def. Shuffle/Speed Agility


5. Single Ball Stationary Ball-Handling Drills (7 mins)


6. 1 foot/ 2 feet lay ups (right, left, middle) (7 mins.)


7. Single ball/ Two ball in motion w/ cones ( 7 mins.)


8. Drink (:30 secs.)


9. Shooting form and technique, Perfection Shooting Series (no basket, basket) (10 mins)


10. Speed Agility/Pivoting/3-attack./jab step (7 mins.)


11. Rapid Fire Shooting Contest (regular/ 3 spot) Let’s have a winner.( 5 mins) 


12. Free throw technique and Question and answer.  (5 mins)


13. 5 min. Ask the Coach! Question and answer at the end of the session.


14. Conclusion of training

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